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ASHLAR PATTERN - A dramatic design incorporating 6 or more sizes of pavers. Pattern repeats itself.

BORDERSTONE - Precast concrete unit used as landscape edging, or planter box up to 5 courses tall.

BROOM FINISH - When wet concrete is brushed lightly to provide striations creating a slip resistant finish.

CLASSIC GARDEN STEPS - A bullnose step paver used at elevation changes and may be earth or mortar set.

CLASSIC GROOVED STEPS - Step paver ADA complient with 4 grooves cast directly into steps that is 2" wide and 1" from nosing and may be earth or mortar set.

CLASSIC POOL COPING - Precast unit with 1 side bullnosed to be used at the pools edge as coping.

CLASSIC TREAD STEPS - Precast unit with 1 side bullnosed to be used at the steps edges.

CLASSIC WALL CAP - A smooth finish wall cap with bullnose edge detail designed to overhang 1" on each side. Classic wall cap includes straights, ends, corners and radius pieces. It is available in 6 standard sizes and 12 standard colors.

EXPOSED AGGREGATE FINISH - A surface treatment that exposes decorative aggregates of different colors and sizes.

FINE GRAIN STIPPLE FINISH - A surface finish with small grain size projections, barely discernable to the eye, but provides a slip resistant finish. It is the standard finish for pool coping, garden steps and entry steps.

FORM FINISH - Smooth to the touch and eye. Created by casting into a smooth form.

HERMOSASTONE - Landscape pavers designed to be sand set, earth set or mortar set. The HermosaStone finish blends integrally colored concrete and subtly revealed rock for a distinctive natural look. HermosaStone is available in 13 different sizes and 12 standard colors.

PILASTER CAPS - Available in peaked or flat. 10 standard peaked sizes and 9 standard flat sizes. Optional 2 1/2" square hole in center for electrical on both peaked or flat.

SANDBLAST - Stone like texture created by sandblasting away the smooth surface of the precast concrete units to expose the aggregates inside.

SONORASTONE® FINISH - Natural stone look (similar to slate). Available in standard variegated colors - Kahlua, Terra, Desert, Tuscan Amber, Wheat, Agave Verde and Sterling Gray. Also available in 10 standard solid colors.

SONORASTONE® WALL CAP - A slate textured wall cap that has the look and feel of natural stone. Both flat and peaked profiles have straight edges and slate texture on all sides. Each profile is available in 3 widths. Straights, corners and ends are available in the peaked cap. Flat caps also have standard radius pieces. Sonorastone® wall cap is available in 6 variegated colors and 10 standard solid colors.

WALL CAP - Wall cap is designed to rest on masonry walls, wood frame with stucco, block or poured in place walls. Wall cap is available in straights, ends, corners and radius pieces. It is made from 4000 psi hardrock concrete, using type III cement. Wall cap is great for wall seats, planters, coping, fire pits, steps, etc. Wall cap is the perfect finishing touch for exterior walls.