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Open Riser Steptread

Precast concrete steel reinforced treads are low maintenance, durable, non-combustible, and easy to install. Designed for either weld-on or bolt-on installations, Open Riser Steptreads are available in two profiles -- bullnose or wedge – with options for smooth or exposed aggregate nose finishes.


Broom Finish | Exposed Aggregate

Broom is the most popular among Stepstone’s finishes for Stair Treads. The wet concrete is brushed lightly to create striations resulting in this slip resistant finish.
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Broom Finish
Adobe 525 Broom
Broom Finish
Almond 506
Broom Finish
Brick Red 516
Broom Finish
Cafe Brown 507
Broom Finish
Caramel 510
Broom Finish
French Gray 504
Broom Finish
Granada White 501
Broom Finish
Kona 521
Broom Finish
Pebble 524
Broom Finish
Porcelain 513
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